Tuna exports up 23% in Q1

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This year, by mid-March, tuna exports to two African nations, Tunisia and Sudan, reached record highs, increasing by 809.9 per cent, to US$797,000, and 729.8 per cent, to US$1.19 million, respectively.

EU looking to raise tariffs on many seafood imports

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At issue is the elimination of many tariff exemptions, and instead the application of tariffs, at a lower level than standard tariffs, to many import quotas that are now tariff free or nearly so.

Squid, octopus exports expected to rise

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South Korea and Japan remained the two biggest importers of squid and octopus, accounting for 60 per cent of total export turnover, said Nguyen Minh Tam, a VASEP representative.

US asks EU to drop shrimp tariff on coldwater shrimp

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Currently the EU charges a 20 percent tariff on all Oregon shrimp. Almost half of the shrimp caught on the West Coast is shipped to the EU, and European countries have expressed interest in buying even more.

Shrimps: key export for Vietnam

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The key products are still shrimp, fish and shellfish. 
Japan remains the largest market for Vietnamese shrimp, making up 26.9 percent of the country’s shrimp export revenue, followed by the US which imported US$150 million worth of shrimp, a four percent year-on-year increase. 

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