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High quality Red Snapper (Lutjanus spp) products from highly regarded Red Snapper (Lutjanus spp) exporters / suppliers.
Whole gutted 300/500 500/800 800/up ( g/pcs) or 1-2 , 2-3 (lb/pcs)
Fillets skin on 80/120 120/170 170/220 220/up or 6-8 8-10 10-12 oz
Portion skin on: 180g+/- 20g
Ca Hong Gu - Red snapper - Lutjanus sebaeFrozen Red snapperFrozen Red snapper portion 02Lutjanus sanguinenus Lutjanus vittaMalabaricus fillet01Mala portion cut01P1010747Raw red snapperRed snapeer cube 04Red Snapper - NL04Red snapper002Red snapper 02 portion cutRed snapper 1Red snapper 300-500Red snapper cube 03Red Snapper Fillet 005 - Lutjanus sanguineusRed snapper fillet 60-150Red snapper gilled guttedRed snapper  natural fillet 022Red snapper portion cut01Red Snapper Steak03 - Lutjanus sanguineusRed snapper triangle 02 (Lutjanus sanguineus)Skewer Red snapper01

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