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High quality Cuttlefish products from highly regarded Cuttlefish exporters / suppliers.
Cuttlefish filletcuttlefish skewersPineapplle cuttlefish02
Raw baby cuttlefish04Raw Cuttlefish01Raw Cuttlefish fillet02
Roll Cuttlefish02Shell cuttlefish02Tentacle cuttlefish010
WCC2Whole Clean Cuttlefish


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High quality Octopus products from highly regarded Octopus exporters / suppliers.
- Cleaned, 10 x 1kg/ctn
- Whole clean, ink off, flower shape
Size 40/60 , 60/80, 80 up
Package: 350g N.W. 500g G.W./block, 30 blocks/ctn
Baby octopus 1skin04Boil octopus01Boil octopus02Boil octopus03Raw octopus 1skin01Single Skin OctopusWCO 1skin02WC Octopus 2skin (before frozen)WR Octopus 2 skin 02

Red Ark Shell

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High quality Sweet shell products from highly regarded Sweet shell exporters / suppliers.
 1. Half-Shell
Size: Diameter of shell 6-7cm (20-25pcs/kg) , 7-9cm (15-20 pcs/kg) , 9-11cm (10-15pcs/kg)
IQF 12 x 1kg/ctn, Net 700gr.
2. Body & Wing
Size: 7-9cm, 9-11cm, 11cm-Up
Block, 500gr x 20/ctn, 10% Glazing, Vac/pac
ark clam vacummed packark shell 2DSC00612Half Shell 01Meat shellP1000410P1000412Red Ark Shell01Red Ark Shell02scallop halfshellScallop half shellSweet sheellsweet shell HALF SHELLTray02


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Toan Thinh Seafoods has high quality Black Tiger shrimp from manufacturers in Vietnam. We are highly regarded Black Tiger exporters / suppliers. We are ready to helpimport Black Tiger shrimp to USA / America.
Fresh Water Shrimp 01Fresh Water Shrimp01Fresh Water Shrimp 02Fresh Water Shrimp02Fresh Water Shrimp03


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High quality squid (Loligo) products from highly regarded squid (Loligo) exporters / suppliers.
High quality Broad squid - Soft squid products from highly regarded Broad squid - Soft squid exporters / suppliers.
block WCSDSC00357DSC00422DSC00424DSC00425DSC00464DSC00851DSC02643DSC04806DSC04807Frozen Tentacle Squid01FROZEN WHOLE SQUID  1220508999786LWhole Raw SquidWhole raw Squid 01IMG 2810Whole Raw Squid02IMG 2812Whole Round SquidWRS07Raw Squid01Soft squidSquid ringSquid tubeSquid Tentacle03SQUID RING SKIN ON  1220509166809

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