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Looking to fill an oyster shortage

Written by Super User. Posted in News

Photos of tsunami damage to fishing ports and vessels in northeast Japan were displayed at last month’s Japan International Seafood & Technology Expo by several fishery associations. Combined with the absence of exhibitors from the area, they lent a poignant mood to the show.

Seafood Exporters Face Price Difficulties

Written by Super User. Posted in News

VIET NAM - Vietnamese exporters of seafood are concerned because an increasing number of European and US importers are demanding lower prices or take for completed contracts. Analysts are also predicting a worse end of the year due to the economic crisis in Europe and USA.

Big stocks and non-payment make seafood exporters distressed

Written by Super User. Posted in News

Vietnamese seafood exporters now on the tenterhooks, because more and more European and American importers ask for lower prices or give up the contracts. Meanwhile, analysts have predicted worse situation towards the end of the year due to the public debt crisis in Europe and the US.

Seafood farms face growing problems

Written by Super User. Posted in News

Aquaculture has flourished in the central region in recent years, but is now encountering several problems, including a shortage of baby shrimp for breeding and polluted groundwater from inadequate waste treatment.

Foreign investors seek foothold in Vietnam

Written by Super User. Posted in News

The recent announcement that Portunas, an Icelandic seafood company, had purchased a pangasius processing plant in Vietnam is yet another example of a foreign firm seeking to gain a foothold in this country’s seafood industry.

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